The Half-Elf

The Half-Elf is the product of breeding between a Human and any species of Elves. This is usually only the case for Gray Elves, Dark Elves, or Wood Elves, as the others don’t normally associate with Humans for whatever the reason may be. Half-Elves normally live out their days in rejection from either or both of their race halves. The Half-Elves are seemingly more accepted among the race in which they were raised in.

Half-Elves tend to be shorter than their Human Kin and weigh a bit heavier than Elves. They can also be recognized from the type of point to their ears. As normally Elves have pointed elongated ears, Half-Elves only receive the point from the trait. Their ears tend to look fairly human-like except for that small part. This is considered to few Elves the “mark of a half-breed” due largely to the fact that not many other Elves have that quality.

Like Humans, Half-Elves tend to carry a wide variety of skin tones ranging from lights to darks, and commonly the complexion is nearly flawless and glowing. These traits can be obtained from either the Human half or the Elven half though, leaving question as to whether the child will have the metallic-hued skin and colorful hair of the elves, or the dull and somewhat flawed skin of the Humans. It should also be noted that unlike Tel'Quessir, male Half-Elves are capable of growing facial hair, and often do so in order to make a point to distinguish themselves in part from their elven parents.

Half-Elves have been around for generations, since the Humans found their way into Mystara. The offspring of such a mixture of races can be met with negativity or disapproval by either race, more typically elves. They find the child to be “impure” or “tainted” and usually are shunned because of this. This is not uncommon in any half-breed though, and they usually find themselves in the company of others like them.

These can be weaknesses to Half-Elves, of course. The sorrow from being belittled from either race they have been raised by can make one very depressed and even mentally unstable. They may also find they lack the grace or wisdom that their Elven parents have, unable to understand things that may be simple for Elves to comprehend. They also do not live as long as the normal elves either. They tend to age slower than Humans living on to barely see the second century mark.