• Psionics in Roleplay

    Psionics are a form of supernatural power manifested purely by mental discipline. Sometimes the term Psion can also refer to a person with the power, i.e. She is a psion, she has psionic abilities.  Sometimes other terms used for psionic people are “psychic”, or “clairvoyant” though these only apply to a specific type of psion. Not everyone with the ability practices the same way, and there are three common sub-categorizations of the ability, which are described in detail below. Psionic powers can often be abused and misused in roleplay, and this guide is to help you to shape your roleplay in such a way that it adds to the storyline without overstepping your bounds in terms of power-gaming or meta-gaming.

    While there are a number of different psionic abilities, the three most common and widely accepted ones are Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and Telepathy.

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  • The Sanctum

    Buried in the bowels of Mystara lies the most extensive underground complex made of caves, tunnels and sometimes even antique ruins and buildings. Down below - where few dare venture without a good reason and a solid lantern - hide the monsters, the misfits, the creeps and the criminals. All those who may not walk openly the surface, those who need to keep a low profile, or simply the victims of prejudice have found refuge in this underground maze and thus called it the Sanctum.

    It would be illusory to consider the Sanctum dwellers a homogeneous population. As a matter of fact, it is composed of diverse businesses, factions and races that have little in common except the desire to remain away from Outsiders. Organized like gangs, most occupy a territory in the underground complex they make theirs and where they either reside or conduct their business.

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  • NPC Guidelines

    An NPC (non-player-character) is a temporary character whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment, roleplay, companionship, and/or target practice for the players on sim. For instance, when you play a game like “World of Warcraft”, NPCs would be the computer-controlled creatures and monsters that the player hacks and slashes! In Mystara, our NPCs are played by players, rather than being controlled by a computer. They serve to enhance roleplay by giving players a more realistic experience.

    NPCs can be for special events or everyday use and do not roleplay with complexity to their personal stories or purposes but instead are there to serve the player base. Whether you want to play a zombie, house cat, forest animal, or sea dweller, the possibilities are nearly endless!

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  • Mystarian Currency

    Mystara operates on a common system of currency, throughout the many kingdoms of Stromness, Ered Eithel, and the Sanctum Underworld.  While trading and bartering of goods is a highly common and acceptable practice, most businesses operate on the currency system - a range of coins varying in material and value. The coins minted in the archipelago of Mystara are copper, bronze, silver, gold and the exceptionally rare platinum coin. 

    When considering your character's net worth, that is, the total amount of liquid currency assets either on his person or stored in a bank/vault -- think about what type of coins he might have on hand.  Consider that pulling out a bag of gold would be a showy, if not distasteful, boast of wealth -- which may put a target on his head! 

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  • The Vampire Race

    Vampires are humans who have come under the effect of a blood curse, thereby turning into the undead creatures of the night that we are all very familiar with. Though vampirism is commonly considered to be an incurable disease, according to Mystarian lore it is a curse. It is key to understand that once one becomes of the undead, they no longer are in possession of a soul, although they may still possess a conscience to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, and to feel the same range of emotions of those not undead. Playing a vampire in Mystara can be both challenging and rewarding. The vampire must learn to quickly adapt and stay hidden while being in plain sight. Trusting the wrong person with your secret can lead to everyone knowing what you are -- even the passing of coin at the monthly Bazaar could give away your allergy to silver. One thing's for sure, however, there are other vampires out there, hidden in plain sight...

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A Fond Farewell

February 13, 2015

Hey Mystarans.

This is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do… and I knew the day would come some time, nothing lasts forever. I have been a bit in denial and not wanting to face reality and just hoping things would continue on as they have, forever and ever. But the truth of the matter is, the company I work for is being sold off and shut down.  I am losing my job in 6 weeks and my income will be $0, even with unemployment that just barely covers my living costs.


What this means is that I can’t afford to keep Mystara anymore. We will be closing the doors on 5 1/2 years of an amazing sim. Even with a wildly successful fundraiser, it would only cover the cost of the sim for about 1 month. And after that 1 month is up I will still not have adequate income. Since I will be picking up freelance work I will have income but it will not be stable, it’ll be an ebb and a flow, some weeks I will make a lot and I might go several weeks making nothing. And I can’t float an $800/month expense on unstable income.

I can’t even begin to describe to you all the sense of guilt, shame, sadness, loss, disappointment in myself, and grief I am struggling with to overcome. I stuck my head in the sand and didn’t want to face the fact that losing this job means losing everything. I could draw from savings and extend the life of the sim a few months but it is simply delaying the inevitable — and dipping into my savings would be risky and unwise.

I am so, so very sorry.


Many times when sims close, the owners will share a notecard of bittersweet, cheesy platitudes which, for whatever reason, just don’t feel genuine. You read it and whistle, and wonder what drama must have imploded behind the scenes to make the owner pull the plug. Know what I mean?


However — I’ve gotta say, I’m really glad that there is nothing bitter or dramatic about closing this sim.  We’re hitting a solid high note and I have never been more happy with the current leadership and player base. I have this to be thankful for.  And for those of you who have spent the last 5 ½ years getting to know me, you’ll know that I am a deeply genuine person. When I think of all the people who committed to helping the sim, who said they did it for me, or who said they did it for the players, it just gives me a tremendous swelling of joy that’s hard to describe.  You guys have filled me with a sense of happiness and accomplishment and I’m forever grateful.  Do I believe we’ve built one of the best roleplay communities Second Life has ever had? I truly do. You might disagree with me, but in my heart, I have so much pride for what we’ve shared to the world for many years. SL has been going for 10 years, Mystara has been going nearly 6 years. WOW. And I most certainly did not do it alone.  To the current and former leaders, the admins, the mentors and sim-donors and everyone who helped make Mystara,

A lot has happened over the years and Mystara has been a major, major part of my life. I know it has been for a lot of you guys too.  I’ve met some of the best friends of my entire life here, and even in real life.  I never set out with the goal in mind of running my own roleplaying sim, it just kinda fell in my lap and I ran with it and I’m so glad that I did.  I have learned so much. I’ve been through so much. Mystara’s been this constant ribbon running through my life that has connected so many things together and it astounds me when I think of all the couples who fell in love here, the acquaintances who became best friends here, the people who discovered their identities and genders here,  the babies born within our community, the laughs and the parties, the motley crue of unexpected teams of people who, despite all odds with eachother, came together to do something great for a community. Those who gave generously of their time and money, and those who gave their loyalty. Those who started in this sim as teenagers (you know who you are) and are now successful adults in their 20’s.  You made it all so very worth it.


Mystara by the numbers.
To really get an interesting perspective of Mystara over the last 5 ½ years, we can look at the numbers. Here’s some interesting data we’ve pulled:
75,172 – Record breaking traffic on October 28, 2014

$38,160  – number of dollars spent on sim tier since opening.

5,975 – total members of the main RoM group

4,462 – Race clan applications

2,831 – Custom Character Applications

2077 – Number of members on the Mystara Forums

1254 –  Character sheets submitted

601 – Number of articles written for the Tribune

538 – Tokens given out to date since launch

510 – Number of people who have applied to be a business or alliance leader

430 – (at time of writing) people treated in the infirmary

221 – Number of people who have applied to be a race group leader

99  – Number of players who gained the title of Notable

68  – Students given quests in the infirmary

34 – Number of Admins we’ve ever had
34 – Total number of Mystara Groups

18 – Number Businesses in Mystara

19 – Page Five Pictures with articles.

16 – Number of toilets in the latrine in Stromness

11 – Number of admins currently on staff.

9 – Fantastic Alliances

3 – Awesome Taverns

1 – The number of true owners of Mystara; His Royal Highness, the Grand Poobah, Pumpkin.

0 – Number of players Annie has ever claimed to have hated.



What will happen to Mystara?
Mystara, the community, collection of content, the 34 groups, the lore and history — will be quietly closed and/or archived.  I will not sell the community or hand over the keys to a high bidder or one of my friends. The physical sims, I will be selling off — but they won’t be Mystara.   I have paid for web/domain hosting for another 9 months so the forums will still be a resource for the community and a repository for your roleplay content.  When it’s time to take the site down I will back up and archive the entire website and forums, in such a way that, should I need to, they can be restored with the click of a mouse.

Krillian sim has been sold, and Stromness is up for sale.  Ideally I would like to have transactions completed before March 10th so I don’t get hit with another billing cycle.

The Krillian sim has officially been sold to Platinus Wirefly, the leader of the Mystfolk race for the last 4 years and admin for 3 years.  He is launching the new spin-off sim called Mysts of Eyr.

Stromness is not yet spoken for.  I will be selling the sim two ways:

1) for the cost of the remaining tier on it, plus the cost of Linden Labs’ transfer fee. That is ‘at cost’ and literally, you get the sim ‘free’ with no markup, I make no profit, and only pay for whatever tier remains.  Not a bad deal.

2) The sim is also available for purchase “as is” with mod rights to my prims. This means the entire build would be yours to do with as you please, you could modify or even return my prims, you could attach Stromness to your own island cluster, etc. Everything in the build with the exception of some custom scripts and the skyboxes would be yours to use.  There is literally over $1000 real life dollars in virtual furniture, builds, custom mesh, and decor.   To purchase the sim with the build intact will be an additional fee of $500.  Which isn’t bad for a completely pre-built sim fully-furnished with custom mesh. Serious offers only please. I will expect partial payment up front to ensure that only serious buyers come forward.

Eyr is my homestead and I will likely keep it and split it amongst some friends (If I am able) to reduce the cost.  If I can’t secure enough folks to split it with me, I will sell it off as well and notify you all.

When did you know you were going to close it?
When I took a good hard critical look at my financial situation, my bank accounts, my last remaining paychecks, and the upcoming IRS tax bill, on Wednesday afternoon this week. I think in my gut I knew this was inevitable when I found out about losing my job but I was in a sad state of denial and carried on as though nothing would change for many weeks.

What will happen to my Rental, my Tokens, my _______?
The admin team will be convening over the weekend to discuss how we will handle all of the phasing down.  Token purchases will be honored as best and as faithfully as possible. As we have details we will share them with you.  Please be patient and understanding.

Will there be a big destruction or cataclysm Roleplay?
A storyline is in the works, involving those ever-fickle Mysts, that will result in the Isle of Mystara becoming uninhabitable in some way.

Will there ever be a Mystara again?
I really hope so. I really, really do. This community is everything to me and I will hang onto the group and keep the embers stoked.  I have my sights set on bringing back the community in some form or another.  I have even had very long-term thoughts about the next-generation virtual world Linden Lab has been developing and getting in early to create the next-gen roleplay experience (providing they don’t charge an arm and a leg for real estate).

Where should I go? (updated Feb 15th)
As of this update 2-15-2015, Platinus Wirefly is the new owner of the Krillian sim which will be rebuilt into a brand new roleplay sim called Mysts of Eyr. Set within the Mystara canon, but a wholly different realm unto itself, the Mystara legacy will continue and you will not have to kill off your characters or make new ones if you don’t want to. There *is* a home for you and a continuation of your story.  Though many things will be different, it will be built off the bones of Mystara’s best-practices, with all of it’s spirit and heart. Since it is under new ownership, expect that some things will change (and improve!).  Since the story will evolve from 3 sims, down to 1 sim, expect cutbacks.  I hope you all pledge yourself to the new cause!  I will be assisting Plat with building the new realm for you all and not going anywhere.

Can I make my own Mystara?
No. Please respect my wishes and the wishes of those who built this community into what it is and not ride the coattails of our reputation and our hard work.  Those who throw “myst” or “‘stara” into their sim names might’ve attracted attention, but they didn’t fool anyone. Whatever you embark on, make it your very own, be original and do it with panache. The players will follow.

Can’t we just give you $800 a month and you keep running it for us?


What will you do now?
I will use my free time to devote to my love and passion of Stormwood, the mesh store I run with Zelest Fall, my partner in crime.  I might also go explore SL for a change. I have hardly left my sims for 5 years, and it would be cool to explore the metaverse.  And of course, I will go wherever the Mysts may take me.  At the time of writing this, the winds are blowing me toward the Lands of Eyr.  We don’t control the Myst, we are but leaves on her breeze.

One Last thing.

If you notice in the group, every single player has a shiny new group tag.  Everyone is now a LEGEND. Again I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for putting your faith and trust in me, for being a part of this community, for forging the story of this realm, and bringing joy to me every single day since 2009.  You are all LEGENDS in my heart.

Well Mystara, it’s been real. I love you all.
Your very own coffee-swilling, pickle-brandishing Zombie,



The rest of the admin team also had some thoughts they wanted to share with you all.

Asmen Foxclaw (Cedric Dorn)

Audrey Hepburn once said, “If my world were to cave in tomorrow, I would look back on all the pleasures, excitements and worthwhilenesses I have been lucky enough to have had. Not the sadness, not my miscarriages or my father leaving home, but the joy of everything else. It will have been enough.” Now, I can’t really say I relate to Audrey Hepburn. I don’t really watch any of her movies, I’ve never had any miscarriages, my father didn’t leave home when I was young, and worthwhilenesses isn’t a word I don’t think, but she did have some logic here. I won’t lie, I’m devastated about all of this, just as I am sure you all are as well, but what makes me smile just as quickly as I got sad is that I can remember all of the amazing stories we created together, all the people we met, the lifelong friends we’ve made, and then I realize that life isn’t over. I came to Mystara the same day that the race of Kokarri arrived. They had been in the works for some time and a really good friend of mine was tasked with making an item for the race exclusively for Mystara. At the time, my friend and I were living on a sim together and Annie, and an previous admin named Eshe, came to check out the progress of this item. I talked to them for a little while, though they were both fairly busy, and we got into some interesting conversations, yet I can’t remember how they talked me into roleplaying. But, had I known then that I’d end up an Admin, I still wouldn’t have done a thing differently. I’ve grown tremendously during my time here, not only as an Admin, but as a player too and I’ll never forget what I’ve learned. Its no secret that I’m the youngest Admin currently on the team, joining the team at a whopping 19 years old and being 21 now, and I can honestly say that the people who call this sim home have changed my life for the better, forever. Stay in touch you crazies.

<3 Assman, Corny, Corndawg, Asmink, Sprout, Baby Admin, *Pegalpacacorny and so many other nicknames.

Oceantide Leifstrom aka Ysme Cooper

Annie asked if each of us Admins, if we would like to add a paragraph here. So between the tears I have I am trying.

I can honestly say I think Mystara is the best RP sim out there in SL, I have no doubts on this and as most of you will be I am devastated at the closure. Over the last four years I have made so many friends and it has had such a massive impact on my life.  I feel honoured to have worked with so many of you over the years with regards to the infirmary, bath house and leader positions, the awesome RP I have participated in, the quests we have created, the assistance I have had, the thoughts we have shared.  The community here is like a family to me, a lot of you know me beyond the SL medium and we have chatted and shared each others worlds.

Nothing ever lasts forever, I know this well and I always knew one day things would change.

I have little more to say as it is hard to type when crying.  But thank you, for the wonderful memories and wonderful friendships I have gained here.  Blessed be.

Platinus (Or Joshua)-

The past few years have been the most emotional of my life, both in and out of Second Life. Mystara has been, for many times, the only thing holding me together, holding me up. I came back to SL after a good number of years of being away, and I came back with a thirst for revisiting role playing. I figured, hey, it would be a perfect medium to try that out in. I searched and looked at other sims, but, when I found Mystara, it had a weird draw to it. Once I was here, I never left. I became a mentor within two weeks of my being here. I wanted to do right by the sim and the budding community. Shortly after that, I became an admin, then a race leader and a business owner. I’ve met so many great people and have had so many great stories with everyone. In the length of time that I’ve been here, I’ve grown, of course…To say that I will miss Mystara is just such an incredible understatement. I’ve been proud to tell everyone what I’ve done here, proud to tell people that I’ve made friends this way. I’ve put Mystara down on job applications and always use Annie as a reference. The friendships I’ve made here have been so real. Other players had been there for me when I loved and lost and was played. They supported me when I needed the extra strength to make it through my toughest times. Mystara, this place, though intangible, had a very palpable effect on me, my life, and my ability to live. I personally want everyone to know that Mystara was always a land of second chances and I found it when I needed one.

I want to thank all of you for being a part of that. I love you, each and every one of you, because you brought me here. You brought Mystara to life.

Violetile / Gwen (+ Effi/The Widow Effigy)

Gwen was one part dreamer, one part schemer, but wholly a Mystaran. I thought starting my roleplay would be difficult, but here I am now knowing that ending is so many times harder. I remember the first days. Gwen thought she must be an elf, and some of you taught her she might be a naga or a dragon or both. She checked your shoes for faeries and you obliged. You used metaphors that warped her understanding of things in the best ways possible, and she will forever believe that cats are just small goats and nipples are the source of all magic. Members of this community have been mentors to me, friends to me, and family to me. You all have been crucial parts of the absolute best community I have ever been a part of. I’ve adored spending my days with you, writing about you, and serving you as best I could as a lead and admin. It has been an honor, pleasure, and delight beyond words. It will always be a part of me and a fantastic chapter of my life I’ll treasure. Mystara is where my heart is, and after closing, my heart will be where Mystara lives on, for me. Gwen sets down her quill, but the memories will remain, and may it be the same for you. Annie had a passion she shared with us that brought so many people, myself included, such joy. Now, it is time for you to take your individual passions and carry on the legacy in your own ways.

Thank you to Annie, to all staff, and to all players.

Jackie Mondalimare AKA Moobs/Psychofae

Mystara has been a big part of my life for over four years now. I’ve grown from a teenager to a twenty-something and I’ve met many great people along the way that I would never have known otherwise. I remember my first day in Mystara, December 28th, 2010. I sent a horribly cliché fairy custom application to Mercy, who was Mystfolk leader then, I didn’t know a thing about second life or roleplaying, English was hard and I was too shy to even initiate RP with anyone – I observed for weeks! I remember when I became admin, I remember when I couldn’t speak on the phone with the admins because I was too scared of saying something because of my accent. I remember the Mystfolk going to war with the humans, the opening of Stromness and then Eyr, our valentine’s day auctions. All the fun we had together will forever be in my memory and my heart is breaking when I think that we’ll never have that type of fun again.

There were many, many times when the player base has made me happy. I’ve always been proud to be part of a community of so many intelligent and beautiful people. Our leader team rocks and the mentors are the bee’s knees.

Special thanks goes to my fellow admins. You are more than a team of people. You are my family. You have been with me through some of the best and worst times in my life. I’ve not only made friends, I’ve found brothers and sisters and even a mother. You have always been there for me, quite literally. No matter when I came home to my computer, whether I wanted virtual hugs, someone to chat to or just random silliness, at least one of you was always there. I have grown so much in the past two years, changed into the person that I am today, and you have contributed greatly. You have made me appreciate the beauty of jorts. You have called me firefly and reminded me of my best trait. You have introduced me to the world of Korean cosmetics and told me what a twink is. You have spent hours on the phone with me, breathing heavily and talking about relationships and mundane things such as Mr. Hands while working out. You made me want to become a Las Vegas stripper. You make me want to have cocktails with you and get arrested for indecent exposure. You’re my favourite wolpertinger and the pirate of my heart. You’re my too-cool-for-school mother and sharer of all my secrets. You’re my fitness guru and cover me in soft blankets whenever I feel rage-y. You have shared with me the deepest and most unusually epic roleplay I’ve ever had. Your way of speaking has changed the way I go into arguments and even normal conversations and your accent makes me want to be you.

All of you are role models to me. Each of you in a different way have shaped the person that I am at this very moment. The saying goes that you don’t choose your family, but you choose your friends. I’ve chosen this family, and I could not be prouder that you chose me to be part of yours.

Redy/Red/Bitch/-the- Pirate

I’m not sure where to start. Mystara has been a huge part of my life for the past 4 years. I have laughed and cried with people, lived through amazing stories together with them and with some, was allowed to become a part of their life as well. Annie provided us not only with a place to roleplay at – she provided us with a place where people and cultures were able to meet and find together. And for that I would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Annie. Am I sad this comes to an end now? Yes I am. But I can look back to years full of fun, excitement, learning and developing, getting to know people I would have never met in RL without Mystara. I want to say thank you as well to those who have been working with me and respecting me over the past years, have forged and woven stories together with me or about my character, loved and hated together with my fiery redhead. It has been great! And it will be remembered! Some have moved on but still aren’t forgotten and still held dearly; they know who they are. You all had faith in the little crazy german and are the reason Redy got plenty more chapters in her book – and each page is most valuable to me. I came to Mystara as a simple roleplayer, but now I’m leaving it as a friend.

Riley Ellenberg

Mystara. BESTARA. My escape, my wonderland, my muse, my palette, my playground. My home. To every single pixel that crossed my virtual path, thankyou. For every single person that made a connection beyond the screen, I thank you more; through fantastical friends and foes WOW I have made some AMAZING friends. Some for now, almost all for life.

So, to the players of Mystara, thank you for honouring me to know of and often be part of your stories but more so your day to day sheninigans, especially the leads and mentors who were always there in the background, bantering on my second screen.

To the Sanctum – where my Mystara heart truely lies (and not locked away in a warded box) continue to fester, even if only in our imaginations for now.

To the beautiful world of Mystara – you were enchanting, mesmirising, carved and honed with such attention to detail that sometimes it was hard to forget you weren’t real. May the Mysts envelop and keep you safe until next time you can come out to play.

Lastly, and most importantly, to my fellow admins, past and present – thank you for being my second family. We’ve all been through so much together – the highs, the lows and all the inbetweens. It’s not the end!!

Annie – I love you – as beautiful and inspiring in real life as you are behind the screen and what a creative pickle you are! Do not for one moment talk of shame – there is none – you and pumpkin hit the topspot baby, what you gave us was a blessing, a gift, a home away from home. The memories live on as do all the stories, friendships and learned lessons. You’ll continue to inspire in all that you do. Trust me <3

Adnamanna/Nna/Tele: Nnasty

Mystara has been my one and only. I dove into the waters here, with an Observer Tag on of course, and never looked back. It all overwhelmed me: the beauty, the quality, and the community. The chance to craft a story wildly unpredictable, yet totally personal.  Mystara was mine, just as it was yours. A place where a lowly mermaid could rise to Queen, a newbie player would eventually rise to admin, and a place I called home. The players of this realm are not only my fellow co-creators, but my friends, and no mere words can do this place, Mystara, but a simple phrase can express so much, and to you, denizens of this mighty realm, I say “Thank you.”

TyrSilverson/Sorien: AKA Douche Canoe, Bacon Lover

I have been a part of Mystara for many years now, playing just two characters that ended up making quite an impact on the sim thanks to everyone I’ve ever encountered. This place was a getaway from my real life. I was able to meet so many that showed me an awesome world where imagination was free and judgement wasn’t even in question. I appreciate everything that I have learned… all the people I have come into contact with, the storylines, the inspiration, the fun, and even some drama. What would SL be without a little bit, aye? Mystara is one of a kind and I won’t forget it.

Annie- I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now. I can’t imagine putting in a third of the effort you devoted yourself to in the years of building Mystara to being one, if not the only, top quality sim. You put in money, countless hours, sweat and tears to making this place perfect. This has to be devastating but you will always have my support. This isn’t the end… and thank you for allowing me to be apart of the Admin Team. Thank you for teaching me many things and introducing me into your world where I was able to partake in a fantastic sim. In everyone’s life there comes a time where we must close a door and eventually we will open another. Don’t feel bad for what you have to do.

Do you have your own thoughts, sentiments, memories, or farewells to add? You can share that all on this forum thread here

We would love to hear all about YOUR legend.

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