• Psionics in Roleplay

    Psionics are a form of supernatural power manifested purely by mental discipline. Sometimes the term Psion can also refer to a person with the power, i.e. She is a psion, she has psionic abilities.  Sometimes other terms used for psionic people are “psychic”, or “clairvoyant” though these only apply to a specific type of psion. Not everyone with the ability practices the same way, and there are three common sub-categorizations of the ability, which are described in detail below. Psionic powers can often be abused and misused in roleplay, and this guide is to help you to shape your roleplay in such a way that it adds to the storyline without overstepping your bounds in terms of power-gaming or meta-gaming.

    While there are a number of different psionic abilities, the three most common and widely accepted ones are Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, and Telepathy.

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  • The Sanctum

    Buried in the bowels of Mystara lies the most extensive underground complex made of caves, tunnels and sometimes even antique ruins and buildings. Down below - where few dare venture without a good reason and a solid lantern - hide the monsters, the misfits, the creeps and the criminals. All those who may not walk openly the surface, those who need to keep a low profile, or simply the victims of prejudice have found refuge in this underground maze and thus called it the Sanctum.

    It would be illusory to consider the Sanctum dwellers a homogeneous population. As a matter of fact, it is composed of diverse businesses, factions and races that have little in common except the desire to remain away from Outsiders. Organized like gangs, most occupy a territory in the underground complex they make theirs and where they either reside or conduct their business.

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  • NPC Guidelines

    An NPC (non-player-character) is a temporary character whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment, roleplay, companionship, and/or target practice for the players on sim. For instance, when you play a game like “World of Warcraft”, NPCs would be the computer-controlled creatures and monsters that the player hacks and slashes! In Mystara, our NPCs are played by players, rather than being controlled by a computer. They serve to enhance roleplay by giving players a more realistic experience.

    NPCs can be for special events or everyday use and do not roleplay with complexity to their personal stories or purposes but instead are there to serve the player base. Whether you want to play a zombie, house cat, forest animal, or sea dweller, the possibilities are nearly endless!

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  • Mystarian Currency

    Mystara operates on a common system of currency, throughout the many kingdoms of Stromness, Ered Eithel, and the Sanctum Underworld.  While trading and bartering of goods is a highly common and acceptable practice, most businesses operate on the currency system - a range of coins varying in material and value. The coins minted in the archipelago of Mystara are copper, bronze, silver, gold and the exceptionally rare platinum coin. 

    When considering your character's net worth, that is, the total amount of liquid currency assets either on his person or stored in a bank/vault -- think about what type of coins he might have on hand.  Consider that pulling out a bag of gold would be a showy, if not distasteful, boast of wealth -- which may put a target on his head! 

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  • The Vampire Race

    Vampires are humans who have come under the effect of a blood curse, thereby turning into the undead creatures of the night that we are all very familiar with. Though vampirism is commonly considered to be an incurable disease, according to Mystarian lore it is a curse. It is key to understand that once one becomes of the undead, they no longer are in possession of a soul, although they may still possess a conscience to be able to differentiate between right and wrong, and to feel the same range of emotions of those not undead. Playing a vampire in Mystara can be both challenging and rewarding. The vampire must learn to quickly adapt and stay hidden while being in plain sight. Trusting the wrong person with your secret can lead to everyone knowing what you are -- even the passing of coin at the monthly Bazaar could give away your allergy to silver. One thing's for sure, however, there are other vampires out there, hidden in plain sight...

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Summer Fun & Big Updates

August 16, 2014

NOTE: There will be a Tokens Q&A Session at The Rock on Sunday, at Noon SLT! See you there :)

Hey there Mystara :)

I hope you are all enjoying your summertime as much as I am. Here in foggy san francisco we are experiencing our ‘second winter’ but it’s starting to get warm and clear again.

I’ve got some really cool updates for you all!  First in big news, we have expanded our lore and fleshed it out so that you may use it in your roleplay and your backstories!  Many of you have heard tales of the land of Aradia, and Eyr – our sister isles. You can now read up on it and get to know a little bit more about our quirky little realm.

Lore: Isle of Eyr

Lore: Isle of Aradia

Allright. Cool read, yes?  “But, my character isn’t from Aradia/Eyr and has never been there. How can I learn about these places ICly?”  You can access this cool information from the Bookshop!

You will also see that there are some new races that originate from these places, namely, Dune Elves, ScorrowJungle Elves and Myconids! YES! They are indeed new playable races and you can indeed play them!

Next up for news is the launch of a brand new system – Token Achievements!   In a nutshell, Tokens are rewards we bestow to players to show our appreciation for ways in which they have benefited and contributed to Mystara through OOC good deeds.  Players may then redeem these tokens at any time for special privileges or items!

You can explore all of the information about Token Achievements through our website under the RP INFO tab.

“Ugh, I’m too lazy to browse — just gimme the links!”

Token Achievements System Introduction & FAQ
Achievements – what they are and how to get them
Tokens Shop – What you can buy with your Tokens
Token Awards Terms & Conditions – The fine print on your items
Token Shop Purchase Form – ready to buy? here’s the checkout register.
Players’ Token Request Form – Did  you scratch an achievement off the list? Please let us know!
Leaders’ Nomination Form – Did you have a kick-ass MVP of your group this month? Let us know!

Essentially, when determining whether a player is deserving of a token, we will always come from the perspective and approach of “is this player making an effort to benefit Mystara?”   With the expectation that some people are completion-ists or potentially token-farmers, there are balancing factors in place for all of these achievements.  There is also the expectation that some players my cry out ‘unfair!’ or ‘undeserving!’ and as such all tokens awarded will be publically announced with the reason why!  Yes indeed.  You can follow that forum thread over on the Mystara Forums in the Tokens section of General chat.

What does this mean in the long run? We are hoping that players will get more engaged with Mystara from an OOC standpoint, and more interested in supporting and helping the sim. We are looking for more mentors, more class instructors, more event hosts, more people earning higher ranks in their groups and sharing responsibility with their leads, more people offering to roleplay NPC’s and more people writing tribune articles and other things that, well… make Mystara … Mystara.  An amazing, diverse community kept strong and active by die-hard fans who want to see it improve.  We know that sometimes it’s just ‘more work’ to set aside 2 hours to roleplay an NPC, or 1 hour to teach a class, or pick up a big responsibility like Second in Command of a group — which can often come with no thanks and big headaches.  In giving out both our acknowledgement and gratitude of your awesome sim presence, and being able to cash that in for special items or privileges, we hope to incentive-ize OOC volunteerism in Mystara and in the long run, Make it a better place.

The future of the Tokens system:  The future is up to you guys.  We encourage you to try out this system, do cool stuff, tell us when you’ve unlocked an achievement, spend your tokens. The more liberally the system is used, the faster we can adjust, optimize, and work out any flaws.  And as for flaws… yes, if you exploit a loophole we will seal it up just as fast. ;)  So we welcome your exploits as it only helps us to improve faster.

Do you have an idea for a prize you want to see added to the Token Shop page?  We want to hear! Tell us what YOU want to earn as a reward. We expect to expand the shop and expand the types of achievements over time, where possible.

Please direct your comments, suggestions, ideas toward the Tokens Forum. THANK YOU!

With love and a fresh cuppa coffee,

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